Bulldog Spirit Whiskey Glasses: Bourbon Kisses & Bulldog Wishes (English)

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Size: 10oz

Elevate your bar collection with our Tipsy Bully Whiskey/Bourbon Glasses, perfectly blending personality with elegance. Tailored for those who live by the motto "I don't Whine, I Whiskey!" or believe a "Good Day Ends in Bourbon and Bulldog Kisses!", these glasses are more than just drinkware; they're a celebration of your passions.

Crafted from 100% clear glass, these bar essentials exude class while promising durability. Designed with straight sides, they ensure stability, preventing any party fouls during your most spirited moments. Each glass is adorned with a colorful illustration of your chosen breed of bulldog – English, French, or American – making every sip a tribute to your furry friend.

Whether it's marking a new milestone, promoting a heartwarming event, or simply adding a touch of bulldog bravado to your space, these glasses do it with style. The 10oz capacity is perfect for savoring your favorite whiskey or bourbon, with the clear glass showcasing the rich hues of your drink.

.: Size: 10oz (0.3l) for the perfect pour .: Made of 100% clear, durable glass .: Designed with straight sides for a firm, stable grip .: Features vibrant, custom bulldog illustrations to choose from .: A blank canvas sourced responsibly, ready to bring your bulldog love to life

Toast to the bulldog spirit in all of us with these unique, Tipsy Bully Whiskey/Bourbon Glasses – because every day deserves to end with a little bourbon and a lot of bulldog kisses.