Company Story

Get ready to strut into the whimsical realm of Tipsy Bully – the place where bulldogs clink cocktail glasses, and joy takes the leash. Our story kicks in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, fueled by a woman whose heart strings play a sassy tune matching English bulldogs' swagger and the clink of wine glasses.

 Hold up, here’s the twist! As fate would have it, she rescued not one, but two English bulldogs. And guess what? That’s when the sparks flew, lighting up the idea of a place that dances in celebration of these furry sidekicks, her wine-filled joy, and the magic of giving back.

Our game is simple: we curate goodies that don’t just hang around, they party! They paint the beauty of bulldogs and the seduction of cocktails onto life's canvas. But hey, it gets better. Our masterpieces don’t just sparkle with style; they pack a punch of purpose too. A slice of every buy sways its way to local English bulldog rescue heroes.

So, here’s to you, fellow bulldog lover! Thanks for stepping into our story, and for letting us unfurl our mission before you. Our products are ready to dance their way into your hearts and homes, as you join hands with us to support English bulldog rescue warriors. Let's raise our glasses – and our paws– to Tipsy Bully! Shop today, because every product you buy tells a tale of love for bulldogs, cocktails, and making the world shine a bit brighter.