Our Bulldog Rescue Partners

Bulldog Rescue Partners

At Tipsy Bully, our passion isn't limited to crafting delightful, bulldog-themed products; it's fundamentally rooted in championing the well-being and happiness of our beloved bulldogs. Through the sales of our products, we're not only celebrating the joy these charming canines bring into our lives, but we're also actively contributing to their rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming.

We proudly partner with esteemed rescue organizations that share our vision and commitment to the bulldog breed. Dive deep ino the incredible stories, mission, and relentless efforts of our Bulldog Rescue Partners:

Georgia English Bulldog Rescue: Founded with the unwavering mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome English Bulldogs in Georgia, this rescue has been a beacon of hope for numerous bulldogs, ensuring they get a second chance at a loving home. Their dedication to the well-being of English Bulldogs is truly awe-inspiring.  https://georgiaenglishbulldogrescue.org

 Bullies 2 The Rescue: Serving multiple states, Bullies 2 The Rescue is a lifeline for bulldogs in distress. Their exemplary efforts encompass rescuing bulldogs from high-kill shelters, abusive situations, and more, ensuring these dogs find their forever homes and happiness.  http://www.bullies2therescue.com/


Hurley’s Heart Bulldog Rescue:  Hurleys Heart Bulldog Rescue is located in Westbury, New York.  We are a 5013c saving bulldogs one life at a time.  Our motto is "Lets Save Them All". We are a foster based rescue and rely on our supporters to help in all aspects of our rescue. Summer Somer started the rescue to honor her English Bulldog, Hurley. She works to save any bulldog in need to continue carrying on his legacy. We never turn down a dog regardless of medical need. Remember, Fostering saves lives. https://www.facebook.com/hurleysheart/


Every Tipsy Bully purchase you make has a ripple effect. By choosing us, you're directly supporting these commendable organizations and playing a pivotal role in crafting better futures for bulldogs in need. Join us in this mission and discover more about our incredible partners and their transformative work. Cheers to the love, joy, and rescue of bulldogs!