Bulldog Bliss All-Over-Print Weekender Bag (English)

Sale price$38.00

Size: 24" × 13"

Introducing the "Bulldog Bliss All-Over-Print Weekender Bag" – your new go-to for those sun-soaked weekends at the beach or bustling city adventures. Designed for the bulldog lover with a flair for fun, this oversized Weekender Tote effortlessly carries your love for bulldogs into every escapade.

Crafted with a wide-mouthed design, this durable tote can stash a generous bounty of your essentials, from beach towels and sunglasses to city-day out gear. The thick rope handles ensure comfort as you carry, blending strength with a touch of coastal chic.

Features at a Glance:

  • Generous Dimensions: At 24" x 13", it’s the perfect size for all your weekend wanderings.
  • Quality Material: Made with 100% Spun Polyester for lasting durability and vibrant print display.
  • Thoughtful Construction: A t-bottom design for stability and cream sheeting interior lining for a premium finish.
  • Bulldog Bliss Design: Wrapped in a joyful celebration of bulldogs, because every day deserves a touch of canine cheer.
  • Proudly Assembled in the USA: With parts sourced from around the globe, because bulldog love knows no boundaries.

NB! Embrace the uniqueness with a size tolerance of 0.75".

Whether you're off to a seaside retreat or exploring the urban jungle, the "Bulldog Bliss All-Over-Print Tote" is your companion in carrying a piece of home (and your heart) wherever you go. Let's make every outing a celebration of bulldogs, adventure, and, of course, a well-mixed cocktail. Grab yours and let the good times roll!