Bulldog Shaker pint glass - Tipsy Bully

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The Tipsy Bully Signature Shaker Pint Glass

Introducing a game-changer for your home bar - The Tipsy Bully Pint Glass! Every sip becomes an experience with our signature logo gleaming back at you. Whether you're crafting the perfect cocktail or sipping on your go-to brew, this glass is your trusted sidekick.

Why it's gonna be your new favorite:

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with passion and precision for that smooth sip every time.
  • Cheers to the Right Volume: A generous 16 oz (473 ml) ensures you've got plenty to toast to.
  • Double Duty Design: Perfect for enjoying as is or mixing up some magic for cocktail nights.
  • Uniquely Yours: Each glass is a masterpiece, handcrafted and bearing its own special quirks, be it tiny bubbles or dots - making every glass one-of-a-kind.

A gentle heads-up: Show this glass some love with a hand wash and keep it clear of the dishwasher and microwave.

Get ready to unleash the Tipsy Bully spirit in every pour! 🍺🐾

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
16 oz 3 ½ 5 ⅞