Stemless wine glass - Life is Better

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Tipsy Bully's Boozey Bulldog Stemless Glass 🍷🐶

Whatcha sippin' on, mate? Whatever it is, let's make it downright unforgettable with our saucy stemless glass! Bearing the timeless truth "Life is Better with Bulldogs & Wine", it's a shoutout to two of the finest pleasures in life. Perfect for those evenings when you're raising a glass to your loyal pooch and life's little joys.

Bulldog Buzz Features:

  • Pure Glassy Goodness: Crafted from crystal-clear glass material. See your drink, sip your drink, love your drink.
  • Sleek & Chic: A design so simple, it lets the wine (and the bulldogs) do the talking.
  • Generous Gulps: With a volume of 15 oz (443 ml), it's just waiting to be filled with your fave vino or cocktail.
  • Tender Love & Care: While this beauty isn’t a fan of the dishwasher or microwave, it'll adore your gentle hand washing.

Embrace the boozy bulldog life! And remember, each glass is sourced with care from the US. Cheers to Bulldogs, Wine, and YOU! 🍷🐶