Tipsy Bully Dog Food Mats: Where Sip Meets Slobber! - Purple

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Tipsy Bully Dog Food Mats: Where Sip Meets Slobber!

Add a dash of cheeky charm to your pet's mealtime with our Tipsy Bully Dog Food Mats! Merging function with fun, these mats are just the ticket for those 'spirited' pups that believe in living life one sip and slobber at a time.

Crafted with your home's aesthetics in mind, these mats aren't just another pet accessory; they're a style statement. With designated circles labeled "Sip" for water and "Slobber" for food, there's no guessing game during mealtime. Plus, they pair up flawlessly with our dog food bowls and wine tumblers, ensuring that your pet dines in coordinated splendor.

Made of a resilient 100% polyester blend front, these mats are designed to handle even the messiest of eaters. And with a 100% neoprene rubber back, say goodbye to skidding bowls; even the most enthusiastic diners won’t budge this mat!

Key Features:

  • Chic, one-of-a-kind Tipsy Bully design elements that scream personality.
  • Anti-slip backing ensures your pup's bowls stay grounded.
  • Durable edge-to-edge full-color surface ready to endure the hustle and bustle of hungry munchers.
  • Easy-to-clean material, because let's face it, our furry friends aren’t always the neatest of diners!
  • Size: 12x18

Step up your pet's dining game and give them a mat that speaks to their inner connoisseur. With Tipsy Bully, it's not just about the food; it's about dining with pizzazz! 🍷🐾

Size: 12" × 18"
Shape: Rectangle