Tipsy Bully's Signature Sipper: The Stemless Wonder 🍷🐢

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Oi, wine enthusiasts and bulldog lovers! Combine your two passions with our one-of-a-kind stemless glass, proudly showcasing the iconic Tipsy Bully Logo. Perfect for when you're toasting to cheeky shenanigans, merry moments, or just the end of a ruff day.

Bulldog-Approved Features:

  • Crystal Clear Vibes: Made of premium glass material so you can admire every sip.
  • Sleek as a Bulldog's Whisker: Clean, chic design that's all about showcasing that Tipsy Bully pride.
  • Perfect Pour: Holds a generous 15 oz (443 ml) of your best wine, cocktail, or even water (but who's choosing that?).
  • Handle with Love: She's a beauty but a bit delicate when it comes to dishwashers and microwaves. A gentle hand-wash will keep the logo shining bright!


Tip your hat and your glass to the best in bulldog boozin'. Every sip's a statement when it's from a Tipsy Bully glass, sourced right from the US. Cheers, mate! 🍷🐢

Size: 11.75oz