Tipsy Bully Dog Tags: "My Human Says I'm Their Drinking Buddy" Edition - Orange

Sale price$13.00

Raise a toast to the unbreakable bond between a human and their furry confidant with our playful Tipsy Bully dog tags! Fashioned to outlast tug-of-war sessions and squirrel chases, this tag is a stylish emblem of your pet's honorary title. Set on a pristine white background, the fun proclamation, "My human says I'm their drinking buddy", is paired with our signature Tipsy Bully logo. Double-sided printing ensures your pet's status is visible from every angle!

  • Double Take Design: Eye-catching graphics showcased on both sides.
  • Durable & Distinct: Crafted from a resilient white coated metal, designed to endure.
  • Perfect Proportions: Measuring at 1" round, it's striking without being intrusive.
  • Snap & Go: Comes equipped with a durable metal clip for swift attachment.

With this tag, your pet will not only be turning heads but also raising glasses! Because every good story starts with a dog and a drink. 🍺🐾🍸

Size: 1"